Structural Pallet Rack

Over 50% of Redirack's Structural racking business comes from existing customers, many of which are third-party logistics suppliers who specialize In warehousing and distribution. Our product is simply that good.

Structural Rack C-Base Frame, Reinforced Front Post & 1pc BeamIncreased strength and durability are the showcases of Redirack industrial pallet racking - these racks can safely handle loads of up to 50,000 pounds per bay!

Structural racking performs extremely well in refrigerated and freezer applications, as well as other environments. Because of their ability to handle high capacities, these racks are well suited to heavy traffic systems. With the increased pressure for companies to enhance productivity, Structural Pallet Rack has become the first choice of racking in many industries.

The main feature of Redirack's structural rack system is the "Konstant" one-bolt beam connection.

Konstant One-Bolt Connection 1 Konstant One-Bolt Connection 2 Konstant One-Bolt Connection 3

The wedge locking action of the beam to column connection automatically aligns the columns vertically and produces a connection with an exceptional rotational stiffness.

Combine the one-bolt connection with our many other structural rack features, such as the C-base (for increased impact resistance), the grocery truss and the boltless safety bar, and you can see why our structural racking is superior to all the rest.

Konstant Structural C-Base Konstant Grocery Frame/Truss Boltless Structural Rack Safety Bar

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At a Glance

  • Benefits & Features of Structural Rack
    • Structural steel upright columns and load beams resist impacts, minimizing damage through normal operations.
    • Patented One-bolt beam to column connection self-squares the connection and increases system strength.
    • Upright frame options such as the C-Base help to reduce floor level impact damage even further.
    • Great for in damage intensive environments such as grocery distribution centres


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    Konstant Structural Rack - Grocery Frame/Truss

    Konstant Structural 3-Deep Push Back

    Konstant Structural 2-Deep Push Back, Cant Leg Frame/Truss