Protect It Maxi Column Protector

Protect-It Maxi 

We are pleased to introduce the next generation of building column protection, the Protect-It MaxiTM

This innovative new product is the ultimate in modular impact protection. Protect-It MaxiTM has inner and outer walls which deflect to offer a staged response when impacted, thus making the product flexible enough to accommodate everyday knocks and bumps, yet robust enough to withstand substantial forklift impacts.

Protect-It MaxiProtect-It MaxiTM is made from a special grade of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with special additives to make it super tough in extreme environments that range from 110 °C /230 °F  to -40 °C /-40 °F.

Most plastic competitor products are made from low density polyethylene using the rotational moulding process. This material becomes brittle in minus zero temperatures making tham unsuitable for freezer applications.  

Protect-It MaxiTM column protectors are injection moulded, allowing us to use tougher HDPE materials with special additives and capable of performing in temperatures as low as -40 °C.

Sizes and Shapes:

  8" x 8" x 20"   8" x 8" x 40"   12" x 12" x 20" H   12" x 12" x 40" H   16" x 16" x 20"  10" Dia x 20" H   10" Dia x 40" H  Maxi Protection for Walls


  • One of the lowest priced structual column protectors in the world
  • Lowest replacement cost  in the market as only the damaged units need be replaced individually
  • Provides even impact absorption from all directions
  • Outstanding impact performance
  • Fits any column size beginning with 4" (100 mm) and increasing in 1" (25 mm) increments to fit any shape including SQUARE, RECTANGULAR, "H" SECTION, "I" SECTION, and ROUND
  • Can also be used to protect walls of any shape

    For more information, please visit our Protect-It MaxiTM  FAQ page or click here for our downloadable PDF

    For a copy of the impact testing engineering report, click here for the downloadable PDF

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