Pick Modules

Pick Modules are an ideal choice for storage and picking in high throughput environments because of their ability to concentrate and manage, a large variety of product in high volumes. Pick Modules are typically multi-level racking structures with conveyor running through them to move products from the picking areas to the shipping areas. Replenishment of product within the Pick Module is done from the outside aisles, most often with a lift truck.  

Pick Modules are typically large and sometimes complex structures, which facilitate the storage and retrieval of product. Essential to large distribution centres, they are a combination of basic pallet racking components, such as uprights and beams, and sub-components that facilitate the movement of product and inventory control. Sub-components consisting of carton flow, pallet flow, various forms of shelving and conveyor.

Pick Module systems are often customized for each facility, since storage and picking requirements can differ greatly between warehouses. Their advantage is that components can be built on as necessary - and can easily adapt to an organization's evolving storage needs.

Redirack Pick Module Advantage

Typical Storage Systems used within a Pick Module

Carton Flow   Pallet Flow   Boltless Shelving 


At a Glance

  • Benefits & Features of Multi Level Pick Module
    • Uses the high ceiling space typical of many warehouses
    • Handles a variety of products and order types
    • Improves throughput and efficiency for any storage system
    • Easily customized
    • Maximizes effectiveness of a distribution centre
    • Concentrates piece pick and case pick operations into smaller areas.
    • Allows use of powered and roller conveyors  

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     multi level pick module with conveyer system