Our Story

60 Years of Innovation!

Over 60 years ago, a racking company was founded which would grow into Canada's largest rack company and spawn its most popular rack design, as well as many other innovations.

The company was originally founded in Toronto as Dexion Canada, a subsidiary of Dexion U.K. The parent company sent one of their most creative managers, Fred Reilly, to establish the company.

Dexion's core product was slotted angle, an extremely versatile product which could be used to create shelving, pallet racking, mezzanines, and dozens of other commercial / industrial storage and related products.

When Canada's first major indoor shopping mall was built at Yorkdale in Toronto, Dexion was chosen to supply all the backroom shelving.

The Dexion product was very versatile, but it was time consuming to install. In the early 60's, advances in lift truck technology and soaring land costs caused customers to seek much higher storage solutions than before. For the Dexion product, the cost of installation became a negative factor as the height of the systems increased. There were, at that time, several primitive pallet rack systems available but they were poorly made, and cumbersome to install. The industry needed another solution.

Sensing an opportunity, Mr. Reilly set out to create a product that offered strength, rigidity, versatility and above all, ease of installation; hence the birth of Redirack.

The trend for increased storage heights continued, and the industry became increasingly more aware of employee safety issues. The stability of these tall pallet racking systems was being scrutinized and it became apparent that Redirack's 6 point beam to post connection was far superior to the 3 and 4 point connections offered by competitors. Customers loved the new product, and Redirack quickly became the standard in industrial storage in Canada.

Redirack also set itself apart by the knowledge of its sales representatives and the heavy investment in system design and engineering support. By the late 1970's, Redirack was not only the product of choice but warehouse operators across the country relied on Redirack's expertise to assist them in planning their projects.

The tradition continues today. Redirack, together with its affiliate companies, employ more engineers, systems designers and technical sales representatives than any other racking company in the country, and continue to dominate the Canadian market.

Redirack now has sales and distribution facilities from coast to coast, drawing from over 1/2 million square feet of manufacturing from 2 locations within Canada and the US.

Our product lines have been expanded and our list of satisfied customers continues to grow. We are proud to say that Redirack is still the number one name in pallet racking, shelving and product storage systems in Canada today.


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