Mobile Shelving

For businesses and locations with limited space, Mobile Shelving is an efficient and economical way to add additional storage space to your facilities, all the while maintaining easy access. Increases in space utilization of up to 200% are achievable with the reduction in aisle space required versus a static shelving system. Mobile Shelving Systems as high as 12ft are possible and can be combined with a mixture of static and mobile units to best use the space available.

So How dows it Work?

Our standard Metalware No-Bolt shelving product is mounted to a mobile base that rides on a special track which installed on site. The track is mounted flush to the floor and has a very small profile so as not to create a trip hazard. The ball bearing wheels on the mobile base roll extremely easily on the track, thus allowing for easy movement by hand of each shelving unit. The mobile base features an anti-tip device and brakes to keep units from unintentional movement. 

 Mobile Metalware "No Bolt" Shelving

Benefits of Mobile Shelving

  • Increase space utilization up to 200%
  • Maximizes storage space in small locations
  • Economical - use with standard shelving
  • Safe - features brakes and anti-tip protection
  • Rolls easily by hand
  • Low  profile track mounts flush onto existing floor
  • Systems can be up to 12ft tall
  • Re-Use your existing Metalware shelving in a Mobile System
  • Use a combination of Static and Mobile shelving to maximize your space     

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